Town officials warning about phone scam in Berlin

BERLIN, Md. – Berlin town officials are warning people to be on alert for a phone scam. They say the scam involves automated calls that claim peoples’ electric and utilities providers are giving them a refund and credit.  They say the caller will ask for your personal information.

47ABC is told that customers of both Berlin Electric Utility and Delmarva Power have received these calls. Town officials say the calls don’t identify any company that they’re supposedly coming from. They also say they’re helping people figure out if the calls are real or not. “If anybody does get one of these calls or any call for that matter, and they have any questions as to the legitimacy of they can of course contact us and and we’ll help them to determine whether or not it’s legitimate,” said deputy town administrator Mary Bohlen.

Bohlen says people should remember that utility companies will typically reach out to them by mail if they need to contact customers. Berlin officials reported the phone calls to police. Town leaders say that scam calls are usually hard to trace.

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