Reopen Maryland driving rally comes to Salisbury on Saturday

SALISBURY, Md. – An organization calling for Governor Larry Hogan to reopen Maryland is planning a drive through rally for Saturday. The rally will start in western Maryland and eventually end in Salisbury.
Reopen Maryland’s co-founder says the group is exercising their constitutional rights. “We’ve had men walk on the moon. We used to build 100 story skyscrapers in less than a year, and now we’re huddled at home hiding from a virus. Why can’t Americans solve this? Let us out. Let us do what we do best and improvise,” said Tim Walters.

Organizers of the Reopen Maryland rally that will come rolling through Salisbury on Saturday say they’re opening a conversation about the state’s response to COVID-19. The organization held a rally in Annapolis earlier this month calling for Governor Larry Hogan to loosen restrictions on businesses and lift the stay at home order. “We are just exercising our constitutional rights. We’re not out here to rebel. We’re not being reckless. This is not an in-your-face movement. This is simply being heard. We have some demands and we ask the governor to consider them,” said Walters.

Representative Andy Harris will also be attending the rally and giving remarks at the end. He says reopening some businesses now will be vital to helping Maryland’s economy recover. “Not all businesses can reopen right away, but there are businesses where we can do it safely, and we need to do it because we can’t wait another month to get this economy going,” said Representative Harris.

Back in Salisbury, police chief Barbara Duncan says she doesn’t expect the rally to disrupt the city too much, but hopes that those attending will stay safe while doing so. “If folks are participating, if folks are exercising their constitutional right, I would hope that they also exercise safety and security with respect to this pandemic,” said Chief Duncan.

The chief also says she hopes people attending the rally will be respectful towards keeping Salisbury’s residents safe. “I would hope that folks who are visiting our area for the express purpose of this rally understand what their role and responsibility is to this area,” said Chief Duncan.

The rally has garnered some negative attention from Eastern Shore locals. Some 47ABC viewers weighed in on Facebook. One viewer wrote, “How about you stay on your side of the bridge?” Another viewer said “Salisbury’s cases are rapidly rising and will with these fools not wearing masks, yelling, and spitting everywhere.”

The rally is expected to begin at 9:45 a.m. in Frederick, and end at The Centre in Salisbury in the afternoon.