Frederica officials warning about scam calls

FREDERICA, Del. – Frederica town officials are warning people to be extra vigilant when it comes to phone calls they may be receiving. They say that a scammer made calls to people claiming to be from town hall department. The scammer is reportedly demanding payments for utility bills.

Town officials say that even though they’re not yet sure who is making the calls, people in the area should be aware and not scared. “It’s still developing. We don’t know who’s calling in. Just don’t give into the fear. When in doubt, call your utility provider and get to the bottom of it,” said director of public works Dustan Russum.

Frederica officials say town hall does not make calls to people asking for payments. They also say they’re actively working on figuring out who might be making the phone calls. For now, they’re asking people in the area to report any suspicious calls to town hall.

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