Delaware sees 29,707 people file for unemployment in last two weeks

DELAWARE – Unemployment numbers are at historic levels with 6.6 million Americans filing just last week. Locally, Delaware has also seen a major increase and unfortunately things aren’t expected to slow down anytime soon.

“For the week March 22 to March 28 we processed 18,987 claims for unemployment insurance benefits,” says Darryl Scott, the director of the Division of Unemployment Insurance for Delaware Department of Labor.

Officials say they haven’t seen numbers like this in decades. “To put it into perspective the 29 thousand claims we received in the last two weeks is nearly the equivalent of what we received in the last year,” says Scott.

When it comes to filing, Scott says most of the identity information needed are things you already know like previous addresses. But there are other details you may need to look for beforehand. “They’re going to be asked their employment history over the last 18 months. If they want to sign up for a direct deposit, they need to know their bank routing and account numbers,” says Scott.

The division aims to process eligible claims within 14 days but they’re having to hire more employees as more and more people file. “We are committed to adding resources in all facets to try and pay eligible claims as quickly as possible,” says Scott.

As things move forward, they expect even more Delawareans to file for unemployment and are just asking that people be patient with the process.

The Department of Labor expects to almost double the number of employees it has in order to process the increased number of claims.

If you have questions about unemployment in Delaware or need to file a claim visit

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