Beebe Healthcare to begin using 3D printed masks

LEWES, Del. – Beebe Healthcare announced on Friday that they will begin printing masks for their care team, thanks to a generous donation of a 3D printer from Cyber Streets.

Cyber Streets is a nonprofit organization that aims at educating communities about cyber security and STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Art, and Mathematics) opportunities in daily life. The group was founded by Beebe’s IT Security Manager and member of the Sussex County STEM Alliance Rob Bentley. This group has been working with its members across Kent and Sussex Counties to create masks for their first responders and medical workers.

We’re told that the prototype developed is to supplement an N-95 mask with a replaceable filter for frontline staff to use in the event of a shortage during a surge. Depending on the size of the mask, one 3D printer can produce roughly 6 or more masks a day per printer.

Bentley and Cyber Streets/Sussex County STEM Alliance have already donated 30+ masks to frontline medical staff. The group has also already supplied/and or activated 10+ printers to its members across both counties, most of which are using for their home school programs.

Their current goal is to have the community manufacture and donate at least 700 masks by mid-May or sooner, as long as they continue to maintain the materials needed through dwindling supply chains.

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