Bayhealth holds moment of prayer and meditation

DELAWARE – Medical professionals at Bayhealth came together in a moment of prayer and meditation. The prayer was led by Rev. Carol E. Harris over the phone. The reverend tells us the original plan was to hold the moment in person, but because of Governor John Carney’s order to limit gatherings, it was done remotely.

The prayer wasn’t specific to any one faith, but universal and inclusive. The reverend tells us now more than ever, it’s important to highlight the hard work of those in the medical field who are on the front lines of the COVID-19 pandemic. “Even superheroes need strengthening from time to time, and you know we’re used to superheroes wearing capes and having superpowers, but right now our superheroes wear scrubs and they carry stethoscopes and they need our support. They need our strength. They need our prayers,” said Rev. Harris.

The reverend says the doctors at Bayhealth have become like family to all patients, regardless of if they’re suffering from COVID-19. That’s why she says overall, she wanted to be able to share a sense of calm and unity.

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