Open For Business: Snappers Waterfront open, urges customers to use carryout, delivery services

CAMBRIDGE, Md. – Snappers Waterfront Cafe and Tiki Bar has been serving the community with good food and great drinks right along the Cambridge creek for 26 years. And in all those years, owner John Sydnor says he’s never had to try and keep customers from gathering inside of his restaurant, until now.

“Me, like everybody else, I think everybody is kind of just overwhelmed and freaking out about this,” said John.

“It was sort of like, oh my gosh, what are we going to do? And then your survival skills sort of kick in,” said General Manager, Laura Sydnor.

Following Governor Larry Hogan’s executive order that restricted restaurants to just carryout and delivery.  The family-owned business has been trying to find a new way to serve customers while also following the Governor’s guidelines.

“It’s not an ideal situation, but it’s something that you learn to reinvent yourself and figure out other ways of bringing customers in,” said Laura.

Now, Snappers is adjusting to a life of offering take out and delivery options only for food, beer, and wine. And they want everyone to know that despite this executive order they’ll still be running business as usual.

“Our regulars are our life, blood, they are awesome people and we’ll accommodate and do anything we can for everybody for sure,” said John.

But make no mistake, the small-town restaurant is feeling the effects of these recent changes. A place that normally would be packed with up to 100 or 200 customers any given day now lies empty.

“I just thought are you kidding me right now? I mean, I don’t know. I think everybody was in disbelief,” said Laura.

Which is why they say it’s important now more than ever before for people to shop locally and support small and locally-owned businesses and restaurants.

“I think as a community you come together, and you do support each other, and you know who’s there for you and you cater to those people,” said Laura.

If you’re interested in either pick-up or delivery from Snappers, you can head to their website here.


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