Salisbury University and Christian Shelter feeding locals

SALISBURY, Md. – Salisbury University and Christian Shelter formed a chain of support with a generous food donation. Shelter officials say they received a large donation of food from the university, and passed some of it on to other shelters and organizations in the area. Christian Shelter says they received a variety of food, including dairy, produce, and meats.

Christian Shelter donated a share of it to another local shelter, Halo. Shelter leaders tell 47 ABC they aim to make sure that everybody in the community is cared for. “Sometimes we do get an over abundance amount of food and we don’t have a problem really sharing it with other ministries and also throughout the community because we know during this time the community is really suffering,” said Anthony Dickerson.

Christian Shelter says the food delivery truck had to take two trips because there was so much food. In addition to sharing the food with other shelters, Christian Shelter is feeding local kids who might be missing meals. They’re asking people to keep the good will going, and donate what they can.

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