Salisbury preparing for COVID-19

SALISBURY, Md. – Salisbury’s mayor is urging people to stay calm and be patient as the city prepares for COVID-19. “We close ranks, we help our neighbors, we keep our chin up, and Salisbury we’re going to weather this together,” said Mayor Day.

The preparations coming after Governor Larry Hogan tightened restrictions in response to the outbreak of the virus.  As places like restaurants and gyms prepare to close until further notice – city employees are getting ready to work from home. “Obviously anybody with any symptom whatsoever, because we are public servants and we’re in close contact with the public, they’re being encouraged to stay home, to stay isolated, to stay out of the public,” said the mayor.

The mayor’s office, police, first responders, and public works employees are to remain on the job. Plus, local doctors are being encouraged to reduce non-emergency appointments. “We are doing our best to be thoughtful and to plan and prepare,” said Mayor Day.

Other changes are also coming to Salisbury. Except for permit parking, all parking in Salisbury is free until further notice. The mayor says he hopes people will continue to support local businesses. “Delivery and carry out services are encouraged to stay open. The Governor has not restricted those. So, if you want to support your local businesses, please take advantage of delivery and carry out services,” said the mayor.

Some locals say they’re glad the mayor is taking steps to make sure the city is prepared. “I think it’s wiser to be proactive, at least for now,” said Karin Darmi-Hunt.

“We really needed someone to say look this is way more serious than people are giving the impression of, and you need to stay away. Stay away from other people,” said Jennifer Gammel.

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