Maryland expanding Medicaid telehealth services amidst coronavirus


SALISBURY, Md. – The Maryland Department of Health made the announcement on Thursday that residents who are on Medicaid can now get telehealth counseling services in their home.

Dr. Michael Finegan, the executive director of Peninsula Mental Health Services, says this will help patients with behavioral health problems including substance use. Patients will be able to receive counseling treatment through their phone or computer without having to physically go to a doctor’s office. Finegan says this change will help maintain structure which is crucial when someone is in counseling.

“It’s a massively important contribution to deal with the coronavirus so that people, particularly opiate use disorder patients who are at high risk for death through overdose, can continue to get the research based care,” says Finegan.

There is no firm end date for this change but it is not permanent. We’re told this also applies to people with Carefirst insurance in Maryland.

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