Open For Business: The Irish Penny

SALISBURY, Md. – The Irish Penny Pub & Grill in Salisbury is getting creative with their specials to try and attract customers during this tough time. Now they’re offering drink kits so you can make your favorite drinks at home.

The popular Salisbury hotspot is offering the ingredients to make mimosas, bloody marys, and pickle shots. All three kits coming with sealed bottles per Maryland law.

The staff says so far business has been good, but that only doing carry-out and delivery still makes things tough.

“It’s been extremely stressful our biggest concern mine and my partners, Scott, is taking care of the staff that’s the most important thing to us,” said owner, Jeff Trivits.

Right now Trivits is keeping all of his staff on, even bumping up the servers pay to the minimum wage to make up for the tips they are not getting.

“We are extremely thankful like I could not be more thankful for what Jeff has done. He’s increased our hourly pay for what tips are not coming in right now and that’s been all we could hope for,” said server Taylor Rockwell.

Along with the drink kits, The Irish Penny says they also change their food specials daily.

The real kicker though may come this weekend, as Trivits says all carryout orders will come with a free roll of toilet paper until supplies run out.


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