Gun sales on the rise amid Coronavirus pandemic

SALISBURY, Md. – As businesses across the country close their doors in response to the Coronavirus pandemic, one business is booming: gun sales.

“A lot of people never really wanted to have a gun before, but with all of this going on, they decided it was time to get one for some self-protection,” Jamie Wink, the owner of Wink’s Sporting Goods in Princess Anne, said.

Wink says his store has seen a big increase in gun sales in the weeks since President Donald Trump declared a national emergency because of the Coronavirus pandemic.

“Just the uncertainty of what’s going to happen, you know, people are mobbing the grocery stores, they’re buying up all the food, toilet paper, and they’re just uncertain of where things are heading,” he said.

But people looking for that same comfort across the border in Delaware won’t find it after Governor John Carney said gun shops had to close as they were listed as non-essential businesses. That has some second amendment activists up in arms.

“I find this to be a large violation of Article one Section 20 of the Delaware Constitution, which gives everyone the right to bear arms to protect themselves, their family, and the state of Delaware,” Mitch Denham, the president of Delaware Gun Rights, said.

Denham says even though government officials haven’t taken away the right to bear arms, taking away the supply is where the problem lies.

“A right that has no access is a right that is prevented, and a right prevented is an infringement,” he said.

And he says if public health is the concern, Governor Carney could keep gun stores open with minor adjustments.

“If he wants to set rules that no more than ten people in the store and each gun has to be wiped down with Lysol wipes prior to the next person handling it, I’m cool with that because it doesn’t prevent people from having access,” Denham said.


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