Grocery delivery through eMeals during COVID-19

MARYLAND–If you’re in need of groceries, but you don’t want to head into a store to pick up items, delivery and curbside pickup may be your best bet.

Right now, some phone apps are offering these services.

For instance, an app called E-Meals automatically generates weekly grocery lists for you, based on your menu selections, and sends that list to delivery partners like AmazonFresh, Walmart Grocery, Target, and Instacart.

From there, those partners will work to gather items for you and provide them to you via delivery or pickup, limiting your exposure to others.

“It helps all those folks who are physically detaching themselves and isolating, and the shelter in place it gives them options to continue to get groceries and household items they need without interacting with a lot of other folks,” Scott Jones, Head of Content for eMeals, said.

Another way to avoid going out into public to get food are apps like Postmates and Grubhub.

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