Farmers market fully stocked as store shelves empty out

SALISBURY, Md. – As supermarket shelves are emptying out and restaurants are shutting down , the Camden Avenue Farmers Market in Salisbury is still open for business. “We’re providing the freshest products around that it’s even superior to the store. They may not have what you’re looking for,” said Nice Farms Creamery market manager Bob Miller.

Farmers say COVID-19 isn’t stopping production at their farms, so they’re still focused on getting their products to consumers. “We really have a lot of milk right now. Like I said the virus is not affecting the cows’ ability to make milk. So our girls are making milk very well and we need to get that to market,” said Miller.

Not only are farmers markets helping to feed locals, they’re also keeping business going for farmers they work with. Farmers say that’s important because  income from their wholesale to other markets and restaurants has significantly dropped as concerns over COVID-19 spread.

“We think that hopefully this will not affect us too much. We do sell to restaurants so that’s a place where we’re hoping the community can kind of come in and fill some of that gap,” said Heather Griswold of Baywater Farms.

Vendors tell 47 ABC that locally grown products could be a safer alternative to what’s available at supermarkets. So, they encourage you to shop at your local farmers market. “It’s second to none food. It’s your friends and your neighbors that are growing it for you and I think that’s a win win for everyone,” said Miller.

Although gatherings of more than 50 people are now banned in Maryland, Governor Larry Hogan gave farmers markets a special exemption. He says markets are encouraged to take preventative protective measures and adhere to CDC guidelines, but understands that farmers markets are an important part of the food supply chain.

The Camden Avenue Farmers Market is open every Tuesday from 2:30 p.m. to 5:30 p.m.

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