Businesses helping their laid-off employees

DELMARVA– Restaurants that are usually filled with people, have had to make some changes due to the coronavirus and one of those changes has started with their employees.

“It’s pretty tragic, it’s the largest threat we ever had as a business and how it affects us long term we just don’t know,” Rich Garrahan, founder of Crooked Hammock Brewery, said.

Crooked Hammock Brewery, which is a part of the La Vida Hospitality group, is just one of the many businesses that is making changes because of COVID-19.

“These are the worst couple of days of my restaurant ownership, brewery ownership career it’s been really hard there’s just so much uncertainty on what’s ahead for us,” Garrahan said.

We are told that one major change is having to lay off employees.

“Because we are mandated to move to delivery and takeout only model we had to lay off all of our hourly team,” Garrahan said.

But trying times like this,  show how a workplace comes together to help their own.

La Vida Hospitality said they’re donating 100% of their online gift card sales back to employees that were laid off.

“We did a gift certificate sale online where all the proceeds are going to go to benefit our team,” Garrahan said.

Crooked Hammock is far from the only business that’s had to lay off workers. Passeri’s Pizza in Salisbury had to do the same,  but they’re also finding ways to help their employees.

“If you need a roll of toilet paper come in and I will bake off a 12 to 14 inch roll for you fresh free of charge you don’t have to purchase anything in here 4554 and that money whatever you choose to donate will go to our few employees,” Bill Green, Co-owner of Passeri’s Pizza Subs and Cosmos, said.

Through this all,  restaurants like these want their employees to know that they will continue to help all they can.

“We’re just trying to be the people that we are and even though our team isn’t employed by us they are still our family, so we’re trying to do everything that we can to support them,” Garrahan said.

Crooked Hammock said that they are cooking dinner for their laid off employees to take home to their families everyday.

They also told us that their gift card deal will happen until this Sunday.

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