Open For Business: Angello’s looking for scoops of support

SALISBURY, Md. – When you walk into Angello’s Scoops you’ll find a little bit of everything, including ice cream and gifts. Managers tell 47 ABC that they’re trying new ideas to stay open for business as people stay off the streets. “We are actually thinking about starting a delivery service with our ice cream and possibly a gift basket delivery service,” said store manager Nicole Rogers.

Managers tell 47 ABC that they’re still working on the fine details of how the delivery service might work, but they’re keeping their mind open to any and all possibilities.

Angello’s has been a one-stop shop for your sweet treat and unique gifts since September of 2019. Salisbury’s Mayor Jake Day says it’s a unique destination for locals to test their taste buds. “I’m right now enjoying an apple pie cream, which is not an ice cream I would normally think to get. That’s one of the great things about Angello’s. I’ve been surprised – pleasantly surprised. Every time I walk in there, I’ve ordered something different,” said Mayor Day as he held a cone.

Since COVID-19 has spread though, it’s keeping many customers off the streets. Rogers says Angello’s is focused on following safety procedures to keep both employees and customers healthy. “We’re telling everyone no free sampling. We’re extra vigilant on our cleaning, not that we weren’t before, but washing our hands and wearing gloves,” said Rogers.

Rogers also says local business owners are rallying together to support each other. “I think the whole downtown Salisbury community has really banded together. Every day I’m trying to GrubHub food from my neighbors,” she said.

Even though seating inside the store is no longer available, ice cream on the go is still being served. “Come in if we’re still open and support us. We are small and we really need your business,” said Rogers.

Rogers says she’s hoping that the National Folk Festival in September will help to boost business. In the meantime Angello’s is also asking people to follow them on Facebook or visit their website to get updates on new offers.

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