Businesses helping businesses in Fruitland and Salisbury

FRUITLAND, Md. – While restaurants are struggling with keeping business going and first responders are on the front lines, local businesses are teaming up to support each other. Some of those businesses are donating funds to local restaurants so they can give free meals to those closest to COVID-19. “Whether it’s five dollars, whether it’s 500, whatever they’d like to do we’d be happy to take,” said John McIntyre, owner of McIntyre’s Electrical Service and Ark Coffee House & Bistro.

McIntyre  he donated funds to his other business, Ark Coffee house and bistro in Fruitland. A business called Wire Works and Solar also pitched in, raising a total of $1,000 to pay for meals and coffee for first responders. “We want to help out. We want to thank all of the first responders, everybody that’s doing the front lines for us to protect us,” said Tina Foskey, store manager of Ark Coffee House & Bistro.

Foskey says first responders are already taking advantage of the free coffee and lunch. “We’ve had some police officers. We’ve had army in here. We had firefighters in here to get lunch and breakfast,” said Foskey.

In Salisbury, ERA Martin Associates is providing a similar service. They donated to Kellyn’s Kafe and Adam’s Taphouse and Grille, giving each restaurant $500. “I’m just grateful for the opportunity to support the first responders. We’re always doing things in our community, but this is really one of the first opportunities we’ve had to support that group of people,” said Joni Martin Williamson of ERA Martin Associates. Martin Williamson tells 47ABC the company plans to donate to restaurants again in the future.

For both the donating companies and restaurants giving first responders free meals, the common theme is community. 47 ABC is told the goal is to give support to restaurants that are dealing with dine-in shut downs, and to keep first responders from going hungry. “We are a community area we try to do her best for everybody in the community as much as they do for us when they come into our store,” said Foskey.

Ark Coffee House & Bistro says they’re accepting funds from the public. The coffee house says they’ve gotten a big response on Facebook after posting about the relief fund. If you’d like to donate to their fund, you can give them a call at (443) 944-9313.

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