Walston Switch Road to close on March 1

SALISBURY, Md. – On Tuesday night a handful of people crowded into Mt. Hermon United Methodist Church to voice their concerns about the planned permanent closure of part of Walston Switch Road.

Part of the road will close for good on March first to accommodate a runway expansion at the Airport.

on Tuesday County Councilman Joe Holloway hosted a town hall meeting so anyone could voice their concerns or ask questions. One big question was how this closure would impact ambulances, police, and firemen when they’re responding to emergencies.

That’s something that officials in Wicomico County say they’re open to finding solutions for.

“It could be like our Civic Center, or anywhere where they have removable ballards, it’s something that the general public, no vehicle can pass, but in the case of an emergency happening you can pop those up and drive through,” Weston Young, Assistant Director of Administration for Wicomico County, said at the meeting.

Young  says he will take all of the concerns he heard on Tuesday night and report back to other county officials, including County Executive Bob Culver.

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