PFLAG not impressed after controversial character removed from JMB Rock and Roll Revival


SALISBURY, Md. – A high school play is going on a bit differently, and that’s because after Salisbury’s PFLAG chapter raised concerns about a male character dressed as a woman in JMB Rock an dRoll Revival, the character was removed from the play. But PFLAG says that’s not enough.

On Saturday, PFLAG reached out to Rock and Roll Revival with their concerns about the character. PFLAG says the character was used solely as a comedic prop, and was insensitive to students within the LGBTQ community. Now, with the character gone, PFLAG says it’s a bandaid on a long-term problem.

“It’s a short term solution to a larger issue. Should the character be removed? It shouldn’t have been considered in the first place, and I guess that’s where I’m coming from, and if there was consideration to the LGBTQ community in the first place, they would have realized that that may have been insulting,” Mark DeLancey, President of PFLAG, said.

DeLancey says he’s reached out to JMB Rock and Roll Revival for a chance to sit down and talk about the groups concerns, but he hasn’t heard back. On Saturday, JMB Rock and Roll Revival released a statement to 47 ABC that read in part, “We would welcome the chance to sit down and talk once the 2020 shows are over so that all viewpoints can be heard and considered.”

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