New ICE office in Cambridge

CAMBRIDGE, Md. – A new Immigration and Customs Enforcement Office will be setting up shop in Cambridge.

According to a spokesperson, this won’t be for a detention facility.

Instead, the space will be used for administrative offices for their homeland security investigations branch.

The Executive Director at the Chesapeake Multicultural Resource Center said that he hears that HSI is actively fighting against human trafficking, something that happens frequently in Maryland, but that doesn’t mean he’s not hesitant about ICE moving in.

He said he’s not certain if HSI will focus on that trafficking issue in Cambridge, instead of focusing on finding undocumented immigrants.

“It’s a wait and see, we hope it’s transparent and we hope that we can use that information then to help coil the fears of any immigrants in our community,” Matthew Peters, Chesapeake Multicultural Resource, said.

Peters told us that if HSI focuses on human trafficking and prostitution rings, then he feels the community will have trust in what they are doing

But if it leads to more people getting targeted and investigated just because they are immigrants, then it will have a very negative effect.

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