Maryland bill could let drivers go past the Real ID deadline

MARYLAND–Lawmakers in Maryland are trying to pass a bill right now that would give drivers a little more time to get a REAL ID, if their license has been confiscated by police.

Right now, if you don’t have a REAL ID by Oct. 1, your license could be taken away if you’re pulled over.

Under this bill, drivers who have their license taken away would be given a 90- day period to submit the necessary documents to the MVA.

In that 90 day period, drivers would be exempt from being charged with failing to have a drivers license if they get pulled over again.

The Wicomico County Sheriffs office told us there’s has been a lot of confusion with the Real-ID guidelines, so they think this might help.

“The only reactions we’re seeing here, we are getting questions are what do we have to do, is my drivers license going to be seized, and we’re telling folks wait to be notified by the MVA when your window is for coming back and getting it,” Lt. Tim Robinson, with Wicomico County Sheriffs Office, said.

If you don’t get a REAL ID by the Oct. 1 deadline,  you won’t be allowed to board a plane or get into a federal building.

Nearly 2 million Marylander’s still need to get a REAL ID.

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