RSV cases increasing this year in the community

SALISBURY, Md.- RSV or Respiratory Syncytial Virus is a virus that causes severe respiratory illnesses in babies and older adults, but it primarily impacts babies.

Doctors said that the virus breaks down the lining of the lungs, which then breaks off into the air pipe and clogs it.

Babies will cough, choke, and can vomit from coughing so much, and even will work so hard to breathe that their lungs get tired.

This year, doctors have seen a rise in the number of patients that have RSV.

“We are seeing a much larger volume of inpatients this year with RSV then we have in the previous several years so I do advise moms of newborn babies, parents of new borns to really keep them protected from this virus,” Lauren Mcgover, Clinical Director of Pediatrics at PRMC, said. “We have children that do go intro respiratory failure for this and babies can die from RSV, it’s rare but it can happen so we want everybody to take the symptoms very seriously.”

Doctors said they see this virus around November to March.

Over the past couple of years they’ve seen a late emergence of RSV and now they’re actually returning to a much more classic and typical pattern of the virus.

PRMC said that hand washing could prevent your child from getting the virus.

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