Restoration of historic Fairmount Academy

WESTOVER, Md. – In Somerset County, volunteers in the community are taking more steps to restore a historic school that has been neglected for years.

The Fairmount Academy, located in Westover, opened in 1839, but in recent years bills were not paid and the building began to slowly deteriorate.

On Saturday, the Fairmount Academy Historical Association hosted their second clean up with hopes to save the historic building.

Members say they are also working to apply for grants to get financial help.

They are also taking steps to digitize old documents and volunteers tell us this building represents a huge piece of Somerset County and its heritage.

“Many of them actually attended this academy and if it wasn’t them, it was their ancestors who grew up in this community and even those people like me who weren’t born here have really strong roots here and these buildings are a symbol of this area,” said Jim Ford, president of the Fairmount Academy Historical Association.

For more information on how you can volunteer your time to help restore Fairmount Academy, click here. People who are interested can also contact Jim Ford at 410-693-0832 or or

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