Lower Shore Agronomy Day


PRINCESS ANNE, Md.- On Wednesday, farmers from across Delmarva got together at the Somerset County Civic Center to learn about all the latest research at the annual Agronomy Day event.

“We give updates to farmers on any research or work that they need to understand from the past to try and improve the efficiency of their crop production,” Jarrod Miller, Extension Agronomist University of Delaware, said.

This event was useful for Delmarva farmers because it gave them the chance to get updates on issues they’re concerned about.

“Today, we have probably 180 people signed up and they come to get upgrades and learn,” Bob Fitzgerald, a farmer, said.

Wednesday’s program covered topics like how to handle pests, potassium cycling, and how to do your own farm research.

“We have a really nice system for getting research to people, so that they can make informed decisions,” Miller said.

Also, the event brought to farmers attention issues that may not have even been on their radar yet.

“One of the things they opened up was the poultry disease that’s coming down to Maryland out of Pennsylvania, so everybody’s kinda on guard for that,” Fitzgerald said.

But perhaps the best part about all of this, i that it gave farmers and researchers a chance to give one another advice.

“There’s a back and forth , because we can’t answer all their questions, farmers have a lot of experience, they can come back and say I’ve seen this or this doesn’t work for me,” Miller said.

Overall, this event keeps farmers in the know and in business.

“This type of outreach has kept farmers profitable and ahead of the curve in the US compared to some other countries,” Miller said.

This event was also a chance for farmers to renew their nutrient management certificate and their pesticide licenses at this event.

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