Lewes family feeding hundreds of starving children in Republic of Congo

LEWES, Del. – One couple in Lewes feeds hundreds of children in the Republic of Congo every single day, and it’s a mission that is near and dear to their hearts. It’s also a mission that took years to build.

“I had traveled in 2010 to Congo to see some of the programs that our Congo partnership was working on,” Susie Keefer said.

When Susie took that trip in 2010, she knew she’d be helping starving children. What she didn’t know was that she’d find a child of her own.

“When I returned in 2011, this tiny little one came up to me and I picked her up, and she never wanted me to put her down for the next 14 days as I traveled all over,” she explained.

Shortly after meeting Susie, that little girl, named Miriam, became an orphan. When Susie traveled back to America, she told her husband about the girl she bonded with.

“When I was telling Ed about it, he said, ‘well you need to bring her home,'” Susie said.

But before Susie brought Miriam home, people overseas were still begging her to help more.

“Some ladies had walked 5 kilometers to meet her and said, ‘we heard of Susie, and we want her to come see our starving children,'” Susie’s husband, Ed, said.

Susie and Ed knew they had to help.

“It just broke my heart to hear that there were starving children, no children should ever starve,” Ed said.

“I know there’s millions of starving children around the world, but how could we help some?” Susie added.

And so Miriam’s Table was created – Ed and Susie’s way of helping those who need it most. At first, the pair say they thought they’d help a couple dozen children.

“We thought originally well, there might be 65-100 children that we could help,” Ed explained.

But now, hundreds of bellies are full everyday thanks to Susie and Ed.

“It has grown, ballooned to 350-400 children a day that we feed over there,” Ed said.

It’s a mission that Miriam, now ten-years-old, says fills her with joy.

“My favorite thing to do is help out when I’m there and feed the kids,” Miriam said.

The trio says they’ll keep running this organization for as long as they can.

“Right now we have no plans of ever,” Ed said.

Susie and Ed say the only way they can do what they do is by donations and support from sponsors. To help raise money, the two are hosting beach bingo on February 29 at St. Judes in Lewes, and say every dollar made at the fundraiser will be used to help feed those children in need.

For more informaiton on that fundraiser and how you can get involved, you can visit the Miriam’s Table Facebook Page. 

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