FDA makes new rules for labels

MARYLAND–A new law from the Food and Drug Administration is now requiring them to add a little bit more info on packaging.

The new guidelines that took effect on Jan. 1 now require companies to list the calorie count for the whole entire package, on top of listing the calories per serving.

“What they’re trying to do is show I guess how much is in a whole container where I really think it’s popular now even with 100 calorie packs,” Jennifer Johnson, Wicomico Health Department, said.

There will now be two columns of labels, one side showing one serving, and the other showing the amount for the whole container or package.

“If it has the whole package, it might be easier for you to decide if this is something that I really want to use my calories on,” Johnson said.

Health experts said the hope is that at least for some the new labeling system will help people make more health conscious decisions, and make counting calories less complex.

“I think the hard thing is once we sit down and we eat, whether it’s chips, whether it’s ice cream, it’s hard for us to stop, until we’re like oh my gosh I’m at the bottom,” Johnson said. “It’s easier than actually trying to just do the math and figure out you know break it down for serving sizes.”

Some people 47ABC spoke with today said the rule does not make much of a difference for them because they don’t even look at the labels anyhow.

Food manufacturers making less than $10 million dollars in annual food sales will have until 2021 to update their nutrition labels.

The Wicomico Health Department said it’s too soon to tell whether the new labels will make a difference or not.

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