High school students’ invention helps local firefighters

DOVER, Del. – Everyday, firefighters risk their lives and face new dangers to save millions.

While they are out there risking lives, the flames they battle expose them to dangerous carcinogens.

So, that is why getting their suits washed and dried quickly is critical, but at Dover Fire Department that is where they would run into trouble.

“We were hanging out gear on a ladder to dry with a fan on it, which was causing our gear to dry anywhere between 24 and 72 hours,” said the Dover Fire Department Captain David Carey.

That is where a group of Dover High School students stepped in.

“We hope to bring cancer rates down not just for our community, but hopefully nationwide,” said Jordan Jones, a student at Dover High School.

The students have teamed up to design and build a dryer for firefighter gear that is soaking wet, so that firefighters can quickly dry their gear after the dangerous carcinogens are washed off and get back to saving lives.

“We have boot racks to dry the boots, which aren’t really being used for boots,” said Jones, “They’re being used for gloves.”

Firefighters say any other dryer could cost them up to 18,000 dollars and they just do not have the resources to buy one.

However, the students are not stopping there. They hope to build faster and better dryers in the future.

“I’m excited, but I know that we can do better,” said Jones.

“Next time we make one of these and we’re improving our design, we could probably get it down to a little less time, getting them out faster and letting them do their jobs,” said Jones.

These high school students say they are looking for more funding to help them improve their new invention.

They are hoping to support more firefighters across the country.

If you are interested in helping these students, contact Mike Christman from Dover High School at charles.christman@capital.k12.de.us.

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