Texas Roadhouse is prepping us for the holidays with this amazing side dish

FRUITLAND, Md. — This morning, 47 ABC’s Taylor Lumpkin was joined by Nathan Richwine from Texas Roadhouse.

Richwine was here to show us how we could make Thanksgiving dinner memorable. No, we’re not talking about the star of the show, the turkey. We’re talking about making spectacular side dishes that would steal the show.

Richwine showed a quick demo of how he makes loaded sweet potatoes with a honey caramel drizzle. Yum!

With a little bit of brown sugar here, toasted marshmallows there, plus, some t.v. magic, and voila, the loaded sweet potatoes were ready to eat!

Richwine compares the side dish as “going straight to dessert.” He says this recipe is easy to make and is a hit at the dinner table.

We hope this helps you in finding the best dishes for your holiday feasts.

For this recipe and more information on delicioous sides, meals, and deals, you can visit Texas Roadhouse’s website at www.texasroadhouse.com.


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