Stores encouraging people to support their local shops this holiday

SALISBURY, Md- The holiday season is right around the corner and businesses are getting ready for their customers. This year many of them are encouraging you to shop local,  instead of heading to big box stores.

Local stores, like Kuhn’s Jewelers, say when you spend money at local stores you are supporting local organizations. Also, you get the chance to buy items that you may not be able to grab at chain stores when looking for a gift.

“I try to focus on locally made things and made in the USA and also I have a line of bamboo clothing which makes it very special and they don’t carry things like that,” Martha Ogburn, owner of Barefoot Baby Boutique, said.

Shopping local also gives customers the opportunity to build personal relationships with store owners, which can make the shopping experience more enjoyable.

“I know my customers and the kinds of things that they bought for years and years and I know what they’re wives like,” Susan Purnell, owner of Kuhn’s Jewelers, said.

Shops are hoping that this year is no different from others and that people continue to show their support during this time, especially because it helps their stores grow economically.

“I’m so thankful for all the support I get from the community, but that’s a way that they show me big numbers,” Ogburn said.

“Our holiday season is very important to us, November and December are really about half of our whole years revenue,” Purnell said.

Kuhn’s Jewelers and Barefoot Baby Boutique are just two of the many shops looking forward to the holiday season.

They tell us that they are offering plenty of deals for you to take advantage of.


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