Salisbury remembers Bull one year later

SALISBURY, Md. – Hearts were heavy Tuesday night on the downtown plaza in Salisbury as the community remembered Bull, Officer Aaron Hudson, one year after he tragically took his own life.

“I hope he understands that we all miss him very much, but we got to remember the funny and good times that he had with us and I just wanted people to remember his hugs,” said Chase Hudson, Bull’s son.

Fittingly the event was held on the Bullevard, main street, a part of Bull’s beat that he patrolled on his bike. At the event people walked his beat again with candles in their hand to remember the gentle giant that kept watch over us all.

“It’s not just that he was an officer, he was just someone who was there for us and he just went beyond that and made the community feel so good about themselves,” Hudson said.

But the event wasn’t just about remembering Bull, it was also about spreading awareness about suicide. As speakers from Baltimore County Police, NYPD and Eastern Psychological Services shared their personal accounts and the message that someone is always there to listen.

“It lets people know it’s okay, it’s okay to talk about it, it’s okay to reach out. It’s okay to support each other, the last thing that we want is for someone else to make that decision and commit suicide and not be here with us,” said Salisbury Police Chief Barbara Duncan.

Especially for those in the line of service, who often think of helping others before helping themselves.

“I think it’s very, very difficult for that type of individual who’s committed to serve and lead and be that guardian warrior to then turn around and say I need help my self,” Duncan said.

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