Minty’s Restaurant seeks to inspire Cambridge community

CAMBRIDGE, Md. – There is a new restaurant in Cambridge that is looking to bring new changes to the community with the help of Harriet Tubman.

The restaurant called Minty’s Place opened just a few weeks ago.

If you did not know, Tubman’s nickname was Minty.

The owner of the restaurant Theresa Lamar says she chose to open her restaurant outside of the business district so people from different neighborhoods could have a convenient place to come together.

Lamar says her business will do more than just serve up great food, it will also open up job opportunities to people in the area.

“The focus was to come down in the actual neighborhood and hopefully help some of the people that are challenged, give them opportunities and let them know that hard work and diligence can allow you to do anything,” said Lamar.

Lamar says she hopes her business inspires others to pursue their dreams and make them a reality much like Tubman did.

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