Interactive tools help teach locals about poultry industry

DELMARVA – A local organization released new tools for the public to use to learn about chicken farming here on Delmarva.

Delmarva Land and Litter Collaborative created an interactive website that showcases information like how chicken farming has evolved over the years and how it impacts the environment. Officials hope this resource will help educate the public about an industry that drives our local economy. It also provides a map that shows the number of active and inactive chicken houses on Delmarva.

“The idea was to provide a better idea of yes there may be, historically, a significant amount of poultry houses on Delmarva but the real story is how many of them are in use today at this point,” says Kurt Fuchs, the Senior Vice President of Government Affairs for MidAtlantic Farm Credit.

“In general, the idea is that rather than allow perceptions or misconceptions. We’ve all seen it, something can go viral on social media or something else. But this is an opportunity for them to say, ‘Well I read or heard something about about the industry.’ Maybe they were in a grocery store and overheard a conversation etcetera,” says Fuchs. “But this is their opportunity to have a resource where they can have access to unbiased scientific data that was vetted by industry vetted by conservation and environmental groups. So they can rely on it as a source of information to get a better idea, an accurate idea of the industry.”

In the future, Delmarva Land and Litter Collaborative plans to map the chicken houses in Virginia and Delaware. They hope this non-biased scientific data helps influence legislation and policies for the poultry industry.

Click here to see the interactive website and resources.

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