DSU professor, student awareded two United States patents

DOVER, Del. – Years of hard work and extensive research are paying off in the form of patents at Delaware State University.

“This technology can be used anywhere, regardless of any place or regardless of any company,” Dr. Mutki Rana, a professor at Delaware State University that worked on the research, said.

The technology that Dr. Rana is talking about, that was awarded those patents, is a bit complicated.

“One of them was about the design of the microbolometer, which is one of the main parts, the main chips, of the night vision cameras,” Dr. Rana said.

In simple terms, Dr. Rana’s research improves the quality of night-vision cameras by enhancing heat detection.

“So by using some inventive method, which has never been used anywhere, we had been able to use the heat loss in a sensor which is a thermal sensor,” Dr. Rana said.

Dr. Rana wasn’t alone in his research, and says he couldn’t do it without graduate student Andrew Voshell.

“It’s exciting, it’s definitely new territory outside of writing research papers, so it was sort of intensive, but feels really rewarding,” Voshell said.

Now, with patents in hand, the two say the possibilities for the research are endless. The technology can be used by law enforcement to track criminal suspects, by companies to monitor security, and for so much more. And that’s something that Dr. Rana says he’s ready for.

“Hopefully we will, DSU, as a team, we will take it to the next state to make it commercially available,” Dr. Rana said.

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