Buffalo Soldier House dedicated in Easton

EASTON, Md.- A historic home in Easton was dedicated today and many people came out to watch it happen.

The Buffalo Soldier House was rebuilt as a plan to keep the community moving forward and to preserve the rich, cultural history of the town.

“This house had fallen a great deal of disrepair obviously, 1869 is a quite a bit of time back and what we had to do was take it down to basically the bare shell and rebuild it,” Don Bibb, Executive Director of Housing Commission of Talbot, said.

The restored house is in a historic neighborhood on “The Hill” and is being rebuilt in order to re-establish the oldest free African American community.

“This is one of the projects we’re looking at of getting home ownership to more people, help stabilize the neighborhood, help keep it moving forward,” Robert Willey, Easton Mayor, said.

The Buffalo Soldier House is just one of seven houses that the town purchased and will put back into use; something they are doing because “The Hill” has so much history.

“To have this particularly of the town which Fredrick Douglas walked, did services at the church it’s significant, it’s an impact giving back to the community that’s long, long overdue,” Bibb said.

Officials said they want to preserve the community and at the same time build a safe and affordable house for people looking to move into the area.

“We wanna see families located in them, we wanna see them start to start to raise their children, and so forth and just feeling good about the neighborhood and helping keep it under control,” Willey said.

Leaders told us that the Buffalo Soldier House is the second home they have completed so far, but they are currently working on another.

If you want to purchase one of the homes being built or already complete, you can contact the housing commission.

They will then give you an application for them to consider.

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