Bridgeville teen making a difference with her “HeartArt” Campaign


BRIDGEVILLE, Del.- One teen from Bridgeville is lifting people’s spirits with her pre-printed greeting cards.

Shelby Farris, a 14-year-old, started her “HeartArt” Campaign and never imagined that it would have so much success, but for her, the project is a labor of love.

“It started off with just me coloring cards in my living room one day, and to think that its like we’re getting thousands of cards like weekly its just really cool,” Farris said.

Farris comes from a family of volunteers and tells 47ABC that her campaign is all about making people feel better and uplifting people in their time of need.

“It just kinda brightens their day,” Farris said.

To make her campaign work, Farris partners with different organizations and schools to fulfill her campaign’s mission.

“We encourage others to turn creativity into compassion through art related activities,” Farris said.

Farris encourages people to color in the pre-printed greeting cards, and from there she will send them to veterans, hospital patients, the elderly, grieving families, and others who may need some joy in their life.

“Some cards for people in the hospital, for nursing homes, we also went into volunteer cards, so like for the volunteers who were working when the hurricane came through a couple of years ago,” Farris said.

Her most recent project aims to uplift a young girl with cancer named Bella.

“This is one of the biggest drives we done, we’ve had over 4,000 that we’ve distributed for Bella and its just a really big project,” Farris said.

Overall, Farris said her campaign has gained traction she never imagined possible.

“We’ve had about 13,000 thousand cards come back to us overall, not including the Bella cards for different organizations,” Farris said.

Farris comes from a family of volunteers as her siblings also have their own organizations, but Shelby is for sure looked up to by others for her positive acts of kindness.

“I am super proud of my sister, I never thought that it would go this big, just like she said its just so outstanding that’s she has done this and how far its gone,” Farris said.

Farris hopes that one day her cards make it nationwide, even worldwide.

She said she already has partners in states around the Midwest and the East coast, but would love to expand beyond that.

The “HeartArt” Campaign also consists of other projects, such as making pillow cases for cancer patients.


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