“Homeless Feeding On Wheels”

SALISBURY- Md.- Helping the homeless is nothing new for the Salvation Army and Friday they were at it again in Salisbury.

Members of the Salvation Army hit the road to feed the homeless and those in need.

Every year the Salvation Army tries to help those in need, even after they just had a funding cut from their partners, United Way.

Luckily, The Salvation Army said it does receive food from the Maryland food bank and they receive grants that allow them to feed the community with events like this.

“The truth is we have to adjust how much we distribute, we have to adjust how those funds and the lack of funds sometimes impact our direct services and that’s the strategy we have to do for the year,” Captain Matt Trantham, with The Salvation Army, said.

If you want to volunteer with The Salvation Army, you can head to their website at http://salvationarmymwv.org/ to learn more.

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