Wicomico Co. officials seek ban on releasing balloons

SALISBURY, Md. – Wicomico County officials are stepping up efforts to protect the environment.

On Tuesday, the County Executive presented legislation that bans mass balloon releases.

County officials say balloons released into the air pose a danger to the agriculture industry and marine animals.

Environmental advocates say these balloons do not degrade.

Members of the Ocean Pines Chamber of Commerce and the Salisbury Area Chamber of Commerce pushed to bring this new legislation to fruition in the future.

They add that these balloons also make a huge impact on the community.

“For the business community, I think we’re very environmentally sensitive to where we are on the shore,” said the President and CEO at the Salisbury Area Chamber of Commerce, Bill Chambers.

“Our biggest asset is everything that’s around us, our agriculture, our water, our wetlands, and so I think something like this is a long-time coming,” said Chambers.

We’re told that the next step is for the county council to vote on this piece of legislation.

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