Teacher demonstrates firefighter’s experience for students

MARDELA SPRINGS, Md. – One teacher in Wicomico County spent the eighteenth anniversary of 9/11 in a unique way.

Don Abbatiello, a history teacher at Mardela High School who’s also a volunteer fire fighter, took the time to show his students exactly what fire fighters experience every time they gear up.

He also outlined the timeline of 9’11’s events to his students, with a special focus on the fire fighters and first responders from that day.

Abbatiello tells 47 ABC that many of his students were not even alive when the attack happened, so his lessons are powerful.

“I’ve had students tell me that they get upset by it, because even though they weren’t alive for it or know anybody directly involved in it, just because it is a tragic event that really strikes home with a lot of Americans,” he said.

Abbatiello did the lesson five times on Wednesday, once at the beginning of each of his classes.

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