OCPD joins app in effort to strengthen communication

OCEAN CITY, Md. – The Ocean City Police Department can now be found on a new app that they believe will help with communication with residents.

The app is called Nextdoor, and OCPD tells us they can receive tips from residents who sign up. Those residents will also receive alerts from the department.

Up until this move, Ocean City had used social media platforms to get announcements out to people they say this move can help with response time as well.

“It allows us to connect one on one with our citizens, but since we are a tourist community, you want to always remember your actual citizens that are here year-round. So this is an app that is catered directly to them,” said the deputy communications manager for Ocean City Police, Ashley Miller.

If you’re a resident and you want to join, you can do so here, or you can download the app to your smart phone. To do so, residents will need to verify their address.

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