Del. State University partners with local non-profit to help residents in Sussex County

GEORGETOWN, Del. – “If we as a community don’t help change the narrative, and look at the proximity, then where will we be?” asked First State Community Action Agency Executive Director, Bernice Edwards.

With the swipe of a pen, two organizations become one. With one goal in mind: To provide key resources and skills to low-income and underprivileged residents in Sussex County. And give them a hand up.

“We have a long history of service to first-time students, students who are from low income families, and those kinds of things. It’s the kind of the population that the community action serves,” said Delaware State University President for the Georgetown Campus, Dr. Darren Blackston.

On Thursday, Delaware State University and First State Community Action Agency officials signed an agreement to work together to offer the best opportunities for people who want to change their lives.

“Individuals that are coming in basically who have never even thought about higher education, now can go through the process of developing the skills here in community action, and transition those skills over to Delaware State University,” said Blackston.

Officials tell 47 ABC in addition to providing job training’s and educational opportunities, they’re even offering programs for those struggling to get jobs after being released from prison.

“It’s going to give those individuals a second chance who have been incarcerated and are able to come back and get into the workforce,” said Edwards.

And we’re told this partnership is just another way to help better the Sussex County community and beyond.

“I think this will really help the community in Georgetown, but not just here I think it’s a set up for us to be a beacon for statewide partnerships in higher education with organizations like first at community action,” said Blackston.


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