Clay Conaway rape trial: Day 2

SUSSEX CO., Del. – Day two of Clay Conaway’s rape trial is over. Three people took the stand, testifying for a total of four hours, including the alleged victim who faced Conaway in the courtroom for the first time.

Conaway’s alleged 21-year-old victim wasn’t on the stand for long in the Sussex County courtroom, Tuesday. ‪Starting at 3 p.m. her testimony was limited, talking only about the social media interactions that happened before the alleged crime while only being questioned by the state.

While answering, over the course of an hour, she was soft-spoken and avoided eye-contact with Conaway who was only several feet away. In fact, she rarely referred to her alleged assailant by name unless she was reading a text message as part of evidence and instead opted to call Conaway “the defendant”.

Of course, Conaway and his interactions with his accuser were called into question when two of her friends took the stand, the other witnesses to be called before the jury. For the state, their testimonies gave them a chance to show that the alleged victim was immediately distraught about what happened the night of the reported crime and even reached out to friends for help and guidance.

But the defense says those two people weren’t there, which means their credibility is in question. Throughout all of it, a full day, Conaway’s body language didn’t change very much between listening to his accuser’s friends or his accuser herself.

Conaway’s accuser will take the stand again Wednesday morning at 9:30. The state also plans to bring up a nurse that examined the alleged victim at a hospital, a forensic analyst, and the detective in charge of the case. It’s important to note that Conaway is expected to testify at some point as well.

In addition to this case, Conaway is also facing charges for allegedly assaulting five other women over the course of 5 years. He has pleaded not guilty to the almost ten charges against him.

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