Work to begin on Seashore Road in Berlin

BERLIN, Md. – Construction is set to begin on a busy Worcester County road this week.

The introduction of a new apartment complex across the street from Stephen Decatur Middle School and Stephen Decatur High School has created a need to address new traffic concerns in the area.

Berlin Mayor Gee Williams said, “What we’re doing with the developer is making sure that we minimize any congestion or conflicts on Seahawk Road.”

The Town of Berlin will be constructing a new median and adding new paving and striping to the road over the next two weeks.

Mayor Williams said, “We’re sure that this median will make it safer and also make sure that traffic easily gets from US 50 to the apartments and to both schools.”

Soon, we’re told people leaving the apartment complex will only be able to turn right to go to Route 50, preventing any backups from happening, especially as school lets out.

Mayor Williams said, “It makes it impossible to turn left.”

The good news is the road work shouldn’t cause any major backups as it is expected to be finished in time for the start of the school year.

Mayor Williams said, “All of this will be done before the beginning of the school year which begins September 3rd.”

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