OC: Fire at popular resort town restaurant remains under investigation

OCEAN CITY, Md. –  It’s the devastating fire that woke up half of West Ocean City early Friday morning where people sat and watched the Mad Fish Bar & Grill go up in flames right before their very eyes.

“It’s really scary and it’s a shame especially coming on probably one of the biggest weeks of the season and all that business lost,” said Ocean City visitor Holly Cheek.

Around 4 AM, the Ocean City Fire Department got a call from a number of residents in the area that the popular beach resort restaurant was on fire. And crews jumped right into action

“They began to do fire attack and search and rescue. We weren’t sure if everybody was out of the structure yet or not,”said Fire Chief of the Ocean City Fire Department Richard Bowers.

But in a matter of minutes, the blaze was far too much to handle for these first responders to tackle alone.

“The fire developed very quickly. It spread through some of the open voids and as a result, a second and third alarm was transmitted,” said Bowers

With extra backup, officials were able to get the fire control, but by the time it was put out the damage was already done. Luckily fire officials tell 47 ABC no was injured.

“It’s terrible but it looks like it could’ve been worse,” said Cheek.

Now officials are working around the clock to get the answers everyone’s been looking for.

“What was  damaged then was investigated for a cause and origin by the Fire Marshal’s Office,” said Bowers.

And despite this heartbreaking setback, official say  this restaurant can bounce back in no time

“It’s a devastating loss but the one in which they’ll get back on their feet very quickly,” said Bowers.

Fire officials say this investigation is still ongoing and hopefully by late Friday or early Saturday, they’ll know more about how this fire started.

The owners of the Mad Fish Bar & Grill took to Facebook to say that their restaurant would be closed until further notice, and they’re hopeful that they’ll be able to open their doors again to the public very soon.



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