Pony swim has huge economic impact on Chincoteague

CHINCOTEAGUE, Va. – As we all know, thousands of people from across the world are making Chincoteague their home for the week as they take part in all things pony. And local businesses in the area tell 47 ABC they’re booming with sales. Business owners in the area say for the past week they’ve seen non stop customers coming in and out of their stores. They say that many small businesses in the area make more this week than they would in the first quarter of the year.

“The business is so good we appreciate the tourists coming to town and supporting the businesses. We have a lot of people that come into town. It’s good for the island and it’s also good for the stores,” said Assistant Manager for the Funky Closet, Pat Krukowski.

Businesses add that although the pony swim events will be wrapping up soon, they’re already planning for next year.

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