Police: Use non-emergency numbers to report illegal fireworks

SALISBURY, Md. – Fourth of July celebrations are continuing into the weekend. So officials are reminding anyone who wants to call to report illegal fireworks not to call 911.

Salisbury Police tell 47 ABC it seems like a natural instinct to call 911, to get in touch with police. But if you are calling to tell police about someone using illegal fireworks, police ask that you call their non-emergency phone numbers.

Officials tell 47 ABC, 911 is meant for calls that need immediate and potentially life saving attention.

“We would ask that you don’t call 911 for fireworks. We reserve that for in progress crimes such as a burglary in progress or maybe a fire that has broken out, as a result of fireworks not used safely or properly,” says Chief Barbara Duncan with Salisbury Police Department.

Chief Duncan adds that if you do call 911 for something that is not an emergency, you will probably be asked to hang up and call the non-emergency police number.

The non-emergency number for Salisbury Police is: 410-548-3165

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