Locals weigh in on Instagram hiding ‘likes’ for users

SALISBURY, Md. – Instagram is expanding its test to hide how many ‘likes’ you get on a picture.

This comes just weeks after people criticized the platform claiming that the counts can hurt self-esteem.

The photo-sharing service has been running the test in Canada. Now Facebook says it is moving its test to places like Japan, Ireland, Australia, Brazil and even New Zealand.

No plans to expand it to the U.S. anytime soon.

Local experts say ‘likes’ often make people feel bad when comparing themselves to others.

They say the decision to remove likes is positive especially for teenagers.

“I think the problem starts when people especially teenagers start to rely on it as their primary source of validation of who they are,” said Anne Hoffman LCSW-C, a clinical therapist in Salisbury.

These tests will let people see how many people liked their own photos, but that they won’t see counts for other people’s posts.

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