Former city manager sues Town of Pocomoke

POCOMOKE, Md. – Following months of political unrest in Pocomoke former city manager Bobby Cowger is now suing the town.

In a press release, Cowger says a major reason he sued is because town council did not pay him for his last weeks in office.

He adds that the town fired him illegally.

His attorney says town council violated Maryland’s Open Meetings Law by voting to fire him behind closed doors.

He also says one of the votes to fire him was cast by Council Member R. Scott Holland who at the time had yet to start his term of office.

He adds two days after a public meeting with town council there was a final vote to remove Cowger without allowing any public input.

“We’ve gotten nowhere and the many people who have turned out to support Mr. Cowger, they’ve gotten nowhere and so reluctantly Mr. Cowger has filed suit,” said Bobby Cowger’s attorney, Robin R. Cockey.

47ABC reached out to the Town of Pocomoke Attorney Roscoe Leslie for comment, but he said he was not aware that a complaint was filed.

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