Foodie Friday: New menu items at the Delaware State Fair

HARRINGTON, Del. – Vendors do their best to stay ahead of the competition with new creations every year. In this week’s Foodie Friday, we took a ‘deep fried’ dive into what new menu items are being offered at this year’s Delaware State Fair.

Margaret Alvey, with Chester’s Gators & Taters, says people love finding new items to try when coming to the fair.

Eddie Porcelli, the owner of Spaghetti Eddie’s, insists it’s important to be on the cutting edge, and to not let the menu get stale.

Spaghetti Eddie’s has been a fair favorite for 16 years, and this year they’re trying out their new pizza – with a twist.

“So we serve pizza on a plate, so we thought about pizza on a stick.”

The new pizza on a stick starts off with cheese and pepperoni on a stick, gets dipped in a light crepe like badder, and then, as is fair tradition, gets deep fried.

After a few minutes, they top it off with their famous garlic butter and some Parmesan cheese.

“Let it cool a little bit and when you first bite into it, you get the automatic flavor of the pepperoni and the cheese and the garlic butter melted together,” Porcelli said, describing is new menu item, adding that it has a unique flavor.

Just across the street is Chester’s Gators & Taters with one of their new main attractions, their Mac Attack.

“The ribbon fry is a real big seller and so is the mac and cheese, so my boss came up with the idea and I think we ran for it, and it’s been a great seller,” Alvey said.

This behemoth fills the whole family, with ribbon fry, cheddar cheese, and their signature mac and cheese.

Add in some fresh bacon bits, ranch and if the weather isn’t hot enough, top it off with some jalapenos. We’re told this has already been hit among fair foodies.

If you want to give these delicacies a try, you can find Spaghetti Eddie’s and Chester’s Gators and Taters at the food court, just before you get to the Exhibit Hall.

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