Watermen are fishing at night to get through the heat wave

CRISFIELD, Md. – In high temperatures, fish can quickly die, so watermen are having to take precautions.

The Department of Natural Resources says local fishermen should be most concerned with striped bass.

The Department says fishermen should never catch and release a striped bass when its above 95 degrees, and fishermen are strongly encouraged to avoid catching and releasing a bass when its between 90 and 94 degrees outside. That’s because the fish will likely die if they’re released after being exposed to such high temperatures.

When it comes to watermen who are catching these fish then selling them, we’re told they just try to avoid fishing in extreme temperatures altogether because they say striped bass could go bad in the heat.

Jerry Lankford, The President of Southern Connections Seafood in Crisfield said, “The fish will go bad if it’s too hot, so a lot of the watermen what they’re doing is they’re fishing their nets at night or very early in the morning to get them in when they can.”

We’re told watermen also bring a lot of ice on their fishing trips so they can keep things like rockfish cold if need be.

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