President Trump’s first Republican challenger speaks at Salisbury University

SALISBURY, Md. – Bill Weld, the first Republican to announce he will be challenging President Donald Trump in the 2020 primary, spoke at Salisbury University on Tuesday as part of a new series called “Visits With the U.S. Presidential Candidates.”

Weld said, “I think we’re approaching almost a tipping point in the country now a dangerous tipping point.”

Former Massachusetts Governor Bill Weld isn’t afraid to tell it like it is, or at least how he feels it is. That’s what he did at the first ever “Visits With the U.S. Presidential Candidates” forum.

Weld said, “It feels good I mean, I believe in what I’m doing. I’m a little surprised that others are not doing it as well but that’s their decision.”

Weld, who previously ran on the Libertarian ticket alongside Gary Johnson in 2016 is now the first person to challenge President Donald Trump as a Republican in 2020.

Weld said, “I wanted the direct engagement with Mr. Trump. Nobody would ever say, ‘Oh Mr. Trump, you have to debate this Libertarian nominee’ and I’ve been a Republican my whole life except for when I ran with Gary Johnson in 2016.”

Weld was also the Governor of Massachusetts for two consecutive terms back in the 1990’s.

Weld says as president, he would want to work on the following issues: deficit spending, the promotion of free trade around the world, relations with military allies and climate change.

Weld said, “The science of the polar ice cap melting, it’s not iffy, it’s not a hoax, those hundreds of thousands of scientists who signed up for this were not bribed.”

Aside from his platform, Weld was able to take questions from the audience. That’s something that could be commonplace if this new series hosted by the Salisbury Area Chamber of Commerce, Greater Salisbury Committee and Salisbury University reels in more key candidates.

Bill Chambers with the Salisbury Area Chamber of Commerce said, “The goal is to bring attention to the Eastern Shore and Delmarva. We’re an important part of the national economy. Agriculture is king in Maryland, it’s also huge in Virginia and Delaware, so we want some attention some national attention brought to this part of the world.”

We’re told the chamber has reached out to all of the Democratic candidates in an effort to get them to take part in this new series, and they’ve actually heard back from all of them but nothing is set in stone just yet.

Future forums will be announced on the Greater Salisbury Committees website as well as the Chamber of Commerce’s website.

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